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A Prayer for Healing Sick

Heavenly Father,

I ask for Your divine healing on behalf of Your Son,

Jesus Christ,

Our Lord and Savior.

I call upon your power of healing in the name,

Jehovah Rapha.

The Hebrew Name for the God who heals.

I thank you that you love Brad. I ask that you make it known to him; and allow him to feel Your Holy presence. Anoint his body with Your Holy Spirit.

You know it makes me unhappy to know that Brad is not feeling well.

I hate the discomfort he feels when he is ill. I wish I was there to comfort him and make him feel better.

I call upon You, Abba Father.

I ask that you would heal this infection he has spreading through out his sinus cavity; and stop it from manifesting in within his body. Please help his fever break; while you relieve him from all the pain and discomfort that he is experiencing.

Purity the air that he inhales and exhales from his lungs. Clear his nasal passages; and reduce the swelling and inflammation in his turbinates.

Your word says in Psalm 107:19-20 that when we call out to you the Eternal one, that you will give the order to heal and rescue us. I have read of miraculous healing contained in the Holy Scriptures.

I believe that You can still heal the same way today.

Since your word remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.

There is no sickness nor affliction that can survive the power of Your healing touch.

Therefore, I humble myself before Your throne of grace and mercy;

and plead for Your divine mercy over Brad.

Reach your healing hands down from Heaven to touch Brad’s aching body and weary soul. Restore his health and well-being.

Lord Jesus, wrap Brad in your loving arms. Keep him safe and warm tonight. Please watch over his precious body,

while he sleeps. Send him supernatural dreams and visions.

Protect him from any harm and danger. Surround him with Holy Angels from the Kingdom of Heaven to keep guard over him.

Give Brad your divine counsel to help him make wise decisions concerning his health and wellness.

Please encourage Brad to set aside a time of rest. Bring forth favor and blessings upon him with his Supervisors and Co-workers. May they have good spirits, kindheartedness, as well as, genuine care and concern for Brad.

Soften their hearts; and bring them together,

peacefully in unity to help cover for Brad’s absence.

Allow Brad’s body to get the adequate rest he requires for complete restoration.

Heavenly Father

Will you Also, allow Brad time to rest his mind;

and reflect upon his relationship with you, Lord Jesus. Give him mental clarity,

and a sense of clear judgement.

Renew his mind, body, and spirit.

Make sure he follows through with a steady habit of prayer,

and study of your word; so he can fulfill his spiritual needs.

Please set aside time for him to rejuvenate his body,

and strengthen his spirit.

May he seek your face.

Lord Jesus,

Help Brad to cast all of his cares upon You; so you can deliver him from any worry, stress, or anxiety that my be weighing heavy on him.

Lift the weight off of his shoulders, Lord Jesus. Give Brad the strength and the wisdom to call upon Your Name in time of need; so you can take over for him,

whenever his flesh becomes weakened.

I pray in the name of Jesus,

that all you will halt all strands of bacteria from growing in or around his sinus cavity. Change the PH level in his body, so that bacteria cannot thrive.

I pray against Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus, and Pseudomonas; the 4 most common types of bacteria.

I also pray against the rarest forms of bacteria or viruses in the name of Jesus.

Please remove all toxins from his body. Help his liver filter all impurities. Flush all the poisons out of his blood stream,

through his kidneys. Cleanse his reproductive and urinary system.

Remove any plaque or build up in his arteries and blood vessels.

Improve his circulation; keep his blood pressure at a stable level.

Keep his pulse under 100. And his oxygen at 100%. Make sure proper gas exchange occurs between his heart and lungs. Heal all his organ systems:

muscular, nervous, skeletal, lymphatic, endocrine, cardiovascular, circulatory, and integumentary. Maintain his vital signs and keep his body at homeostasis.

Keep his hormones in balance.

Protect him from all other potential viruses, infections, and diseases. Prevent, heal, and repair any damaged organs or tissue. Protect his brain from any trauma. Rejuvenate his brain cells;

balance his neurotransmitters in Repair any damaged neural pathways. Heal him from any mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual afflictions.

Prevent him from slipping into a state of depression. Restore his eyesight and hearing. Keep his teeth strong; so he can chew his food, properly;

and he can wear his bright smile.

Heal his digestive tract. Balance the bacteria in his gut to help boost his immune system.

Lord Jesus,

I thank you that Brad has use of all 4 limbs,

and all 5 fingers and toes.

Keep everything in his body intact; especially, the hairs on his sweet head. Pay attention to every detail, even his finger nails and eye-lashes.

Place Brad at the foot of the cross.

Cleanse his soul, redeem his body, and cover him in your precious blood from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Deliver him from the spirit of Infirmary in the name of Jesus; cast out any unclean spirits operating against his flesh. Place a hedge of protection around him. Forgive him for his transgressions; and help him forgive others. For a spirit of unforgiveness weights heavy on the soul; and weakens the spirit, which affects body function.

Give Brad a forgiving heart.

I thank you, Lord Jesus,

that you gave Brad the heart to forgive me for all of my foolishness actions; and pain I caused him. I am deeply sorry for the way I hurt him. I would take it all back if there were any way possible.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for reconciling our friendship, just like I asked you to do.

Thank you for putting it on my heart to pray for Brad,

while giving me the opportunity to do so. Please give Brad the wisdom to seek medical attention, if necessary. Remind him to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.

Help any medications he may be taking work for him properly; without any side effects.

I thank you so much for making Brad such a hard worker,

and an excellent provider. May he always be appreciated and never taken for granted.

I pray that he can simply some areas of his life in order to reduce financial debt, if possible.

For You words says, that we should store up treasures on earth; but, instead store up treasures in Heaven.

Matthew 6:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

I thank you for his kind, loving heart; and his ability to put the needs of others, before his own.

I pray that the people who care about him,

will demand less of him financially. And just enjoy quality time with him.

May they always be grateful for his hard work; and express love and gratitude towards him.

Teach them to appreciate the stress that he puts his body through,

just to meet their expectations of him.

Help them realize what a blessing Brad is to them.

And I thank you for blessing Brad with so many people that care for him,

and desire his time and attention.

I ask that you will continue Bless Brad exceedingly and abundantly; according to Your will, Lord Jesus.

Bring forth wealth and prosperity. Bless him, so he can bless others.

Thank you Jesus for both hearing and answering my prayers.

For You never disappoint me,

when it comes to the blessings that you have bestowed upon me.

I marvel at your ability to provide for both me and my family.

Thank you for my new home.

May Peace be within this house.

And within Brad’s camper or wherever he goes.

May no one who intends harm,

enter through the door of my home,

or through the door of Brad’s camper. Keep his family safe, while he is away from his home;

and while he not there to protect them.

I pray against the spirit of conflict, confusion, and chaos. Bring forth only peace, love, joy, and happiness into Our homes, Lord Jesus.

May we also live amongst our neighbors in peace and harmony; regardless of our differences in beliefs.

Thank you for using me as a vessel to minister to Brad. Open up his heart and mind to receive You word, Lord Jesus, and to interpret the message you have for him.

Grant him wise discernment.

Give him the ability to hear and recognize your voice;

when You speak to him.

Give him the wisdom that he needs to distinguish the difference between the calmness in your voice;

As opposed to,

the whispers of the enemy,

lurking in the shadows.

Do the same unto me, Lord Jesus.

Please remove anyone from our lives, who doesn’t serve a purpose in our walk with you, Lord Jesus.

May we glorify you in all things;

and give thanks unto you.

We give you all the honor, the glory, and the praise, Lord Jesus.

I pray in Your Holy Name, Amen.

Thank you Jesus

May your will be done.

Thank you for watching over Brad, and nursing his body back to health.

Bless you, Lord Jesus.

Received: October 16, 2019