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Pray someone that I care and love dearly. He’s a guy with a very generous heart and cares greatly for others. Patrick is someone who keeps people at a distance. At a young age, he was abused and he has carried that burden of shame, guilt, pain, sorrow, anger and resentment for decades. I’ve gotten to know Patrick over the last year and there is a part of him that clearly believes in God, but is so broken and angry that he runs from God’s love and faith and can’t even see he’s right there with him. I pray for him every day. Over the summer, there one was one evening I looked up at the entrance hallway and I saw a demon, his demon. I immediately knew it was Patrick's and it looked like a Catholic Father. I was flooded with the emotions and pain and everything Patrick suffered. I was plagued with nightmares about what he experienced. I know God can save him from his demons and from the evil spirits that follow/live in him.

Please Pray for Patrick. He is a broken man. He lost his faith and belief when he was abused by a priest/father in the Catholic Church. He has bottled up all that pain, shame and sorrow. He trusts in no one and doesn’t trust God. He thinks he isn’t real and never answered his prayers and that he never will. He lost is way after a man of God used his name in vain to commit horrible sins against Patrick/God. He’s afraid of what he might say and that no one would believe him. He doesn’t believe in love and forgiveness. He runs from kindness. He ran from my kindness. He ran from me and completely shut down on being close to me. I think I scared him.

He keeps things locked up in his heart and soul. There is still that child in him that has been crying out for God’s love, comfort and mercy. He needs healing and a miracle. He needs love and compassion. He needs his trust to be unbroken. He needs to remember what it means to believe. He needs to know that God loves him. He cried with him. He understands him and forgives him. I’ve cried over the pain he’s endured. I still do. I think he does too.

He needs to realize that someone truly cares and loves him despite all of his shame. That he is accepted and wanted. That God never rejected him. God was always there and still is even now. That he is a good man and God can truly redeem and restore his love, trust and other broken parts again. God needs to break down his walls and heal him. Please pray for him to have hope, courage, love, faith, restoration, redemption, trust, compassion, and forgiveness. I pray he still wants me in his life. He pushed me away and broke my heart. I pray God helps him to understand me and the pain I’ve endured and that I would never do anything to hurt him like others have hurt him. I pray God puts him back in my life at the right time. I pray that God gives him little signs and reminders about me, so that he can’t forget me and know that I care deeply for him. I pray God speaks to him and answers him. I pray God helps him to stop being angry and softens his hardened heart. I miss him and I hope he misses me too. I pray God helps him to stop being ashamed of what happened to him as a kid and that it wasn’t his fault. Pray God gives him good and kind thoughts about himself. Pray God breaks apart any evil spirits of hate, rage, shame, resentment, pride, lies, ego, self-righteousness, and any negative emotions or thoughts. Pray he learns to forgive himself and to love himself. Pray he is able to be able to confront his past, heal from it and move on. Pray God speaks to him in a way that Patrick has to acknowledge his hurt, so God may heal him. I pray he remembers what it means to have Gods love.

Received: November 7, 2019