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Family Life Radio Connects Mom with Out of State Family


TUCSON, AZ (November 1, 2022) —A mom who has not seen her kids or grandkids in seven years will get the chance to this Christmas as part of Family Life Radio’s (FLR) Home for the Holidays contest.

After several years of hardships, four unplanned surgeries (this year alone) and overcoming a difficult divorce, Janice will be flying back to California to surprise her family after having relocated to Missouri.

“It’s a blessing to help listeners experience hope in a tangible way by bringing them home to their loved ones they haven’t seen in years,” said Mike Kankelfritz, director of programming and host of the FLR morning show. Janice shared she borrowed a friend’s car that had FLR playing, and hasn’t been able to stop listening since. “The only thing that has gotten me through being separated from my kids is Family Life Radio, I never turn it off,” Janice shared.

FLR listener Bob, who recently found out he has cancer, wanted to fly home to see his brothers, nieces and nephews. Another listener Sarah, who’s own husband has cancer, called in after the contest had ended and offered to pay for Bob to be able to travel to see his family.

Financial hardships, among other tribulations, have kept people from seeing the people they love most. Three $500 travel vouchers were awarded to listeners who will now be able to visit with their family and friends.


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