Press Release: November 12, 2021 – Family Life Radio Connects Friends Living on Opposite Sides of the Country


Family Life Radio Connects Friends
Living on Opposite Sides of the Country

TUCSON, AZ (November 12, 2021) — Best friends who have known each other 28 years will be connected again this Christmas season as part of Family Life Radio’s (FLR) Home for the Holidays contest. Rosa in New Mexico was one of the contest winners who entered on behalf her daughter Danielle to be able to see her best friend Lisa, who has stage 4 breast cancer.

Lisa, who has no family and lives in New York, is in the fight of her life. Danielle wanted to bring Lisa to Albuquerque where she would be surrounded by the love and support of friends.

Financial hardships, among other tribulations, have kept people from seeing the people they love most and FLR wanted to step in and help. Three $500 travel vouchers were awarded to listeners who will now be able to visit with their family and friends.

“We hear from so many listeners who haven’t been able to see their family and friends over the past year, many of whom going through life and death struggles. This contest was just one way we could provide hope and bring people together,” said Mike Kankelfritz, director of programming and host of the FLR morning show.

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(L to R, Rosa, Lisa on FaceTime and Danielle)