Press Release: November 16, 2021 -1,500 Attend Intentional Love Marriage Date Nights


1,500 Attend Intentional Love Marriage Date Nights

Hosted by Family Life Radio’s Intentional Living Ministry

TUCSON, AZ (November 16, 2021) — Over 1,500 attended the Intentional Love Marriage Date Nights with Dr. Randy Carlson. Three separate events were held, one in Tucson, Tempe and another in Phoenix. They were hosted by Intentional Living (IL), a flagship program of Family Life Radio (FLR).

The event has been organized nearly every year over the past decade in various cities across the country. Dr. Randy Carlson, founder of IL, shares with couples the habits it takes to build a successful marriage, how to build long-term relationships and how living intentionally can help them as parents.
Not only did many accept Christ into their hearts for the first time, but several hundred committed to the “One-Thing” challenge for their marriages, vowing to work on that one thing for 30 days (being more patient, understanding and loving to name a few).

“We enjoy creating experiences for our listeners where they can learn what it takes to strengthen their relationships and take a hold of the promises that God has for them,” said Dr. Randy Carlson.

About Family Life Communications
Family Life Radio operates 35 stations in 11 states with an expanding worldwide online audience. The Intentional Living radio program is heard nationwide and conducts marriage and family events throughout the year. For more information, visit myflr.org and theintentionallife.com.


Photo from the Tucson Date Night
Photo from the Tucson Date Night