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Family Life Radio is supported in part by the faithful and generous gifts of many businesses. This business directory is provided as an additional way to thank our Business Partners for supporting their local Family Life Radio station. We encourage you to thank these businesses by letting them know you appreciate their support of Family Life Radio. Please refrain from using this list for any solicitation purpose. Thank You!

PLEASE NOTE: The ministry of Family Life Radio is supported by individuals and businesses alike. While we have done our best to build partnerships with those that share similar values with Family Life Radio, our members and listeners, a business listing does not imply nor should it be viewed as an endorsement of any company, product or service. When considering any company for products or service we recommend, as is common, to use discernment before entering a business arrangement or making a purchase.

If you have any questions, comments or desire to learn more about partnering with Family Life Radio, please contact us on our Business Partnership line @ 1-877-362-0055.

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Central Coast Christian Business Directory

Contact: Chris Burciaga
Address PO Box 1050 Pismo Beach CA 93448 Phone: (805) 710.8004Website: Central Coast Christian Business Directory


Photo of Central Coast Christian Business Directory

We are local. We live and work on the Central Coast and we are committed to providing our local Christian community with this valuable service.

Our story:
Currently and throughout our years on the Central Coast, we have searched for Christian mechanics, plumbers, financial advisors, hair stylists, doctors, etc. Believers who not only call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior but who are also committed to practicing biblical principles in their business. It’s been a tough search. There haven’t been any printed or online local Christian directories in years. Plus our society prefers mobile and online information.  We have mostly relied on a few referrals from churches or friends.

In order to follow after the biblical guide in Gal. 6:10 – When the right opportunities present themselves why not seek out the businesses of the “household of faith;” especially in these uncertain economic times.  As we spoke to many of our friends in churches across our central coast, they expressed the same need; “Do you know of a trusted —– ?”  We didn’t always have an answer. Now we do!

The Central Coast Christian Business Directory was born out of our need to find local goods and services while at the same time supporting fellow believers in Christian business.  It was also our desire to provide a Christian business that promotes and supports local Churches and Christian nonprofits.

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Gal 6:10 NKJV

Steadfast truths:

The community of advertisers included in our directory support and adhere to these steadfast truths:

  • I am a Christ follower and am committed to applying my Christian beliefs to my business practices.
  • I pledge to honor all agreements and provide quality and reliable products or services.
  • I desire to connect with more people from all backgrounds in my community and to demonstrate biblical values and ethics when conducting business.
  • I commit to unite and network with the local Christian Community, helping it to remain a growing, powerful and influential presence here on the Central Coast.

Our directory is designed to create a contact point between Christian business professionals and the local Christian community.  All of our advertisers are established licensed businesses, unless otherwise stated. They pledge commitment to their faith and to honor God in all aspects of their business. The Central Coast Christian Business Directory (CCCBD) is not associated with any specific Christian Church, denomination or affiliated with any other organization. CCCBD is nonpolitical and is committed to focusing on promoting Christian businesses, Churches and Christian nonprofits in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties.

Our directory is updated daily with new listings, contacts or information. It contains vital links to web pages and social media links of our advertisers, affording the reader detailed information on Christian businesses available on the Central Coast.  We look forward to serving you and pray that this directory will provide a vital contact point for interaction and networking within the local Christian community.

Responsibility of Advertisers and Consumers:

  • CCCBD does not specifically endorse a certain business, organization, service, product or employee/s of any of the businesses that advertise in the directory.
  • CCCBD is not liable for the performance of any of the services, products or employees of any of the businesses that advertise in the directory.
  • Please use practical judgment in evaluating each business prior to any business transaction or support . User agrees to hold harmless CCCBD for any and all actions, claims and/or damages resulting from the use of the directory.
  • CCCBD reserves the right to post any information on directory pages it deems necessary.

The Central Coast Christian Business Directory is not to be used for acquiring mailing lists or for solicitation purposes.

Questions?  Email us or call us at 805.710.8004