Sheri chooses life and experiences hope, thanks to you!

One little blue line says it all.

For some women, it’s a moment of euphoria and delight. But for others, the reality of an unplanned pregnancy brings a jolt of fear. Because it’s often a journey a woman walks alone.

That’s how it was for Sheri.

“Last year, I was in really bad shape because I was pregnant,” she recalls. “I had to struggle with that.”

Feeling trapped and isolated, she says, “I was definitely thinking about aborting my child.”

But, praise God, she heard the words of hope she needed, so she changed her mind:

“I thank God that He had mercy on me and didn’t let any harm come to my child.”

Today, Sheri cradles her son with thankfulness.

“My child is here today. I look at him and I weep because he is such a happy and joyful child.”

And she has these words of comfort and hope to extend to other women who are coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy:

“You should bring your child into this world because God has a plan for each child. Although sometimes it’s a big inconvenience for us, God knows all things, and I thank God that He intervened in my life!”

In these early days as a mom, Sheri is so thankful for the music and messages you help bring through Family Life Radio, which help her fix her eyes on Christ and experience hope in Him each day.

“I thank God for Family Life Radio,” she says as she smiles. “It encourages me each and every day. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless this ministry, and I will continue to support it!”

Thank you for helping Sheri—and countless others—experience the hope of Jesus as you generously support Family Life Radio!

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