A Different Kind of Christmas // Mark Schultz

No time of the year leans as heavily on tradition as Christmastime, but every once in a while it’s good to inject a few new things into your celebration of Jesus’ birth. Word Records’ artist Mark Schultz & his wife Kate took that to heart this year – adopting a new little baby girl from China!

Mark tells P&S “Yeah .. she looks nothing like me, which is a good thing!”

Kate is an OB/GYN, & Mark says “She saw a little Chinese baby running down the aisle at church one Sunday & said ‘We gotta have one of those.'” God tells us in his word we’re adopted. Mark was adopted when he was just 2 weeks old, & says “adoption is a blueprint for what we’re supposed to do here on earth.


Mark Schultz

Fair Trade/Columbia Artist Mark Schultz is coming to the Topeka corner of Family Life Nation next month.  This morning he dropped by to talk with P&S on Letters From War, Father’s Day, & oddly enough dance moves!