Revive Us DVD

Revive Us 2016

Revive Us, Kirk Cameron’s one night Call to Prayer event from last fall, is now available on dvd.   Kirk is joined by Dr. Ben Carson, Francis Chan, Eric Metaxes, & Dr. James McDonald, as well as music from Passion & Vertical Church Band.  He joined P&S this morning to talk about revival in America.



Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio

Pastor Louie Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta joins P&S to talk about felling giants like addiction, anxiety, & even comfort in his new book Goliath MUST Fall.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the #1 day to eat out in America!  If that’s part of your plan, there are lots of deals to be found … but don’t skimp!  Click here for more.

Mom Day Deals

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s: Moms who dine at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s on Mother’s Day will eat for free — up to a $10 value — at participating locations.

Fogo de Chao: The Brazilian steakhouse chain is giving out a gift card for a complimentary meal, redeemable through July 13. The deal is only valid on meals from Sunday to Thursday.

Hooter’s: Perhaps not the most conventional of destinations for a Mother’s Day brunch, Hooter’s is giving moms a free entree at participating locations. Moms can select from traditional wings, boneless wings, a chicken sandwich, chicken salad or a Hooter’s burger. Additionally, moms will receive a coupon for their next visit — good through June 9.

Macaroni Grill: Any mother who dines at the restaurant over Mother’s Day weekend can get a coupon for a free appetizer — good until May 31.

The Melting Pot: The fondue restaurant is offering free “MOMosa” drinks for parties with at least three other guests at their table. The deal varies based on the location.

Mimi’s: On top of a special menu for brunch, mothers who dine at the restaurant will get a free entree for their next visit. The coupon for a free entree for moms can be used through May 28 — which coincides with Mother’s Day in France.

Ruth’s Chris: Each mom who dines at Ruth’s Chris this Mother’s Day will receive a $25 gift card, valid until July 2 at participating locations. The gift card can’t be used for takeout, and must be used to purchase an entree item.

Shoney’s: Any mom who eats at the southern restaurant chain on Mother’s Day can get a free slice of strawberry pie.

Spaghetti Warehouse: At locations in New York, Tennessee, Texas and Ohio, Spaghetti Warehouse is offering a free spaghetti and meatballs meal to take home with the purchase of a separate Mother’s Day meal.

Sub Zero Ice Cream: At participating locations this Mother’s Day, moms can get a free small ice cream with the purchase of another one.

Wienerschnitzel: Moms can eat free this Mother’s Day at Wienerschnitzel. The deal is good for one chili dog, small fries and a small soda. The company asks for proof of “mom-bership” for interested mothers.


Resurrection of Gavin Stone-DVD

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

A former child star serves time at a mega-church. Hilarity ensues. Director Dallas Jenkins drops by to talk The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is now available on DVD.

Social Media Relief

Social Media Relief

If you want to take a little Facebook break from all the political fights, but you really don’t want to unfriend of bunch of people, here are 3 simple things you can try:

1. You can hide or un-follow a post or profile by clicking on the top right arrow on your friend’s post.

2. Download the “Remove All Politics From Facebook” Chrome extension. This allows you to remove “all politics” from your Facebook feed.







3. Try the “Social Fixer” plugin. Social Fixer allows Facebook users to customize their new feeds, allowing them to block certain topics from appearing on their home page.

Tricky People

Tricky People

A mom overseas says two words kept her kids safe from a potential abduction, but those words were not “Stranger Danger.”  Instead she teaches them to beware of “Tricky People.”  It’s all spelled out on the blog Safely Ever After.

Knowledge Is Power

  1. Remind your children safe grownups don’t ask kids for help.
  2. Never leave young children unsupervised .. Not even for a minute.
  3. Replace the word stranger with tricky person.  It’s not what someone looks like, it’s what they say or want to do with a child that makes them unsafe or tricky.
  4. A tricky person can be someone you know well .. or not at all.
  5. Listen to your child. If they don’t want to be around a particular person, they may be getting a red flag signal from them.
  6. Be mindful of settings where older children have a lot of privacy with younger children.
  7. Practice personal safety strategies with your kids, like what to do if they get lost in a store.
  8. Do NOT write your child’s name on the outside of any personal belongings.
  9. Older children should always use the buddy system.
  10. The uh-oh feeling – Trust your instincts & let your child know it’s okay to trust theirs.
  11. Establish a family rule: No Secrets Allowed.
  12. Let children decide for themselves how they want to express affection.
  13. Spend time with your kids.  Children starved for affection can be especially vulnerable to a predator’s tricks.
  14. Volunteer at your child’s school so they’ll feel safe coming to you.
  15. Develop strong communication skills.
  16. Teach safety concepts in a loving, easy-going manner.  Scare tactics can be counter-productive.


Bill Gaither

Bill Gaither

A living legend, Bill Gaither, joins P&S this morning to talk about his career, salvation, & the latest tour.  The Gaither Vocal Band is making stops all over Family Life Nation.  Click here for more.

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