Testimonies of Hope

“I appreciate the encouragement and positive message. I recently lost my father after months of caring for him. Family Life Radio has been a constant source of encouragement!”- Frank

How Your Gift Makes Hope Possible

At Family Life Radio, we believe that the most important benefit of giving monthly to your station can be summed up in two words:

Changed lives.

Your ongoing, monthly gift of support is a lifeline to families and individuals who are longing to experience the real hope found in Jesus Christ. You don’t have to listen very long or look very far to meet someone whose life has been transformed by God working through this ministry.


Testimonies of Hope

Your monthly gift allows Family Life Radio to share God’s message of hope in Christ with others!

“I love listening to Family Life Radio. When I am down and need uplifting your my go to station. My kids and I sing along to every song and when the radio is down my youngest will say, ‘Can you turn up the volume? Please and thank you!’”- Samantha

“Family Life Radio made a difference in my life in middle school, and now in my thirties it continues to be a blessing.  It encourages the life of my family to this very day.” – Danielle

“Every time I listen, which is often, I learn and grow in faith, marriage, parenting, friendships, and family relationships. This program is a life line. Thank you for bringing relevant topics each and every day.” – Laura

“I love listening to the music on Family Life Radio as I drive and it always helps me focus on giving praise to our God!”- Jeanne