There’s nothing more powerful than hope

By Evan Carlson

What is life without hope?

Hope gives us something to look forward to, something to strive for and something to cling to when things are dark.

But when you lose hope, as happened to Daniel (article 1), life can feel pointless – even driving a person to consider ending their life.

That’s why I am so thankful for you. Because your support of Family Life Radio broadcasts the hope of Christ across the nation through powerful messages, warm conversations and inspirational music.

Jesus is the only source of true and lasting hope – and you’re sharing that hope with so many people who need it, including Daniel!

So thank you for your partnership. And thank you for continuing to share hope this Christmas by participating in our Toy Drive. Your special gift will show a child in need that they are loved and cared for, no matter their circumstances.

You are a blessing to me – and to all those in your community and beyond who you’re reaching with the hope of Jesus.

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