They’re here to serve YOU

Meet the regional promotions team of Family Life Radio. They’re passionate… They’re on the go… And they’re here to serve you!

The Regional Promotions Team, R to L: James Alexander, Jessie Lee Crosby, Brian Dumont, Brian Neuwirth, and Elisa Meyer

As the “boots on the ground” for Family Life Radio, this team of dedicated guys and gals are often out on the road. Perhaps you’ve seen them at an event, festival or service project in your community.

Sometimes they’re up on stage. Sometimes they’re hosting crazy games giving you the chance to win great prizes. Sometimes they’re serving alongside local ministry partners to impact people with the love of Jesus.

Wherever they go, the team members are always listening out for stories of how God has used Family Life Radio to help many people like you experience hope!

Your prayers for the regional promotions team are really precious—as this ministry team serves as the “face” of Family Life Radio wherever they go. Pray God will use them to bless, encourage and inspire even more people through the gospel-centered programming and heart-lifting music you help broadcast.

Check out Family Life Radio on Facebook or on the events page to see what the regional promotions team is up to. Come along if you’re nearby—and wherever you are, don’t forget to pray!

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