Truth Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

A transforming love that nothing else can offer

Church leaders being in a negative spotlight is nothing new. It seems to always be the hot topic of conversation. Most documentarians like nothing more than to pull back the veil and say, “Look at this monster. This is the true face of Christianity. Is this the God you want to serve?”

When compounded with the spiritual detriment and even abuse that so many have received behind the closed doors of a church home they love, at the hands of a leader they once trusted, faith can become harshly skewed very quickly.

Despite having experienced that herself, Family Life Radio artist Tasha Layton has a unique retrospective on the suffering she endured:

“Sometimes, we don’t think about the fact that people are so broken, and we live in a fallen world, and we transfer our expectation of God onto Christian leaders. We really judge other people because we judge ourselves. We don’t know what we really mean to Him. I think if we really knew that, we’d begin to see ourselves differently, and in turn, see other people differently.”

Is it that simple? Could this all boil down to self-judgment and a lack of understanding of the magnitude of the adoration God has for His children – for us?

The enemy suggests these untruths about who we ought to be before we are worthy of God’s love and hopes the thought will germinate deep within our subconsciouses, where they can grow into unmanageable expectations – so that when we can’t bear the burden of placing this falsehood on ourselves, we choose to place it on someone else. We try so hard to dress it up as holy discernment, but that deep-seated knowledge of our own self-righteousness inevitably breeds self-loathing. We return to square one, and the cycle repeats itself.

Satan is a deceiver.

That’s why it’s so important to be rooted in the truths about how God thinks about us (found in His Word), and know we have authority over the enemy through Christ Jesus (Mark 6:13). Here are just some of the many examples of how God views you:

  • You are loved (Psalm 103:17).
  • You are valuable (Matthew 12:11-12).
  • You are worthy (Romans 5:8).
  • You are forgiven (Ephesians 4:32).
  • You have a purpose (Psalm 57:2).
  • You are His (Romans 1:6).

“When [truth] comes straight from The Horse’s mouth, and you experience that from Him,” Tasha says, “it’s like it holds a weight and a power and a transforming love that nothing else can offer.”

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