“We want others to be encouraged too!”

The impact YOU make through Family Life Radio …

If ever there’s a time to cry out to God for help, it’s during a life-threatening situation.

When Catherine learned her husband Michael needed a liver transplant, that’s just what she did — she called out to God.

“My husband was severely ill and in need of a liver transplant,” Catherine said. “At that point, all I could do was pray.”

Thankfully God answered her prayer! Catherine and Michael got the great news that a donor kidney had been located — and a little over a year ago, Michael underwent a life-saving liver transplant surgery.

But Michael wasn’t out of the woods yet.

“Over the past year, Michael has suffered many life-threatening setbacks,” Catherine shared. “He was in and out of the hospital.”

Again, all Catherine could do was pray and trust in the Lord.

God works through YOU to encourage people who are hurting.

“Family Life Radio has been such an incredible blessing to me throughout all this,” she said.

Whether in her car on the way back and forth to the hospital, or in the quiet of her home when she was alone at night, Catherine drew strength from Family Life Radio.

The Christ-centered songs and messages you help make possible provided Catherine with just what she needed. Hope when she had none.

Encouragement when she needed it most. Peace and comfort that Jesus gives so freely to those who come to Him.

“Today, Michael is finally doing better. He is now listening to Family Life Radio too — and he loves it!” Catherine rejoiced.

“Thank you to all who give to make Family Life Radio possible — and for being a lifeline of encouragement when things seem so desperate,” Catherine said.

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