Artist Spotlight

What is a Good, Good Father?

By Stacey Stone

As the father of two young daughters, Chris Tomlin is used to not being paid attention to when they are around. When he made his debut recently as a children’s book author, the crowd of toddlers was not exactly sitting still for the performance. Some drooled, others wanted their mommies and a few chose that moment to pick their noses but Chris went forward to read his book “Good Good Father”. The song by the same name has been to #1 and back and is performed in churches across America every Sunday. Fox and Friends joked with Chris asking if this was the song that Chris sung to his daughters each and every night because he is a good, good father. The song of course describes how God loves us and what makes Him a loving father but it made us wonder, what makes a good, good earthly father? The pillar of strength and love that a family is built upon is a dad that works endlessly to build up his children. This dad disciplines his children so that they know their boundaries using tough love of his words and not his fists. A father expects his children to help with chores and to do well in school but does not reward them for actions that are expected of them. Taking granted of what they have is never an option for the children of a good father. They will see the value in the food their parents provide and the clothes, home, and other possessions will be seen as necessary but not more important than the love a good father provides. A good father might say that “is not how it was done when I was growing up” but also understands that times change and the way that kids express themselves changes with it. He knows how to have fun with his kids by taking them to sports events with their favorite teams, movies they’ve been wanting to see or sitting down to take them on in their favorite video game. A good father takes the time to listen to his kids so he knows all of the above and the chats are comfortable and easy over time. And finally, a good father is the spiritual form of our Heavenly Father on earth as he studies, teaches and leads his family into a loving relationship with their Good, Good Father.