When God Gives You a Word

A Look Back in Joy with Micah Tyler

Have you taken a moment in the past few years to look back on that season of chaos that occurred mid-March of 2020? Family Life Radio asked Micah Tyler to reflect on the last couple of years – the insanity, chaos and confusion – and share what brought him joy.

Micah Tyler’s reflection on the past couple of years reveals a journey filled with both challenges and blessings. He began by sharing the demanding schedule he had, and the struggle to balance his commitments to his career, family and personal well-being.

“I traveled a lot,” Micah begins. “Right before the world shutdown, I had done about 175 dates a year, just traveling around with my wife and three kids at home. That’s hard. I’m trying to be faithful with my diet and be faithful with my family. God is opening up opportunities. And I’m trying to figure out how to say no to things.”

Micah Tyler

As he navigated these challenges, God placed a word on his heart: rest. “All of a sudden, the Lord put [the word rest] on my heart at the beginning of 2020. Everybody has a word they focus on for the year. I did not understand it because I was about to have the busiest year I’ve ever had. I was on tour with Tenth Avenue North. I was about to put out a new record we were finishing up. We were building a house, and all this stuff is happening.”

The Unexpected Pause

At first Micah says, “I’m going. ‘Okay. So, if the Lord has put rest on my heart, is He going to teach me how to take a nap?’ I didn’t know what that meant.” But Micah soon understood its meaning when the world shut down.

The joy in this season came from the simple moments with his family. “I got that chance to be still and know that he’s God, and not just try to go out and make disciples, because both are important (Psalm 46:10; Matthew 28:18-20). The meals are on the table with my wife and kids, and the nerf wars and the board games come out,” Micah smiles. “And just seeing them. Just being in the room with [my family] over and over again.”

Micah continues, “I love travel, going to churches. It’s so important me. I don’t want to go out and just sing songs. If I had my choice between singing songs for strangers or spending time with who I love the most. That’s a very easy choice for me. But I also want to be the leader of our household. I want to show my kids what it’s like to go out and sacrificially give your time to show people who Jesus is and how to love well.”

Micah Tyler

In Micah’s reflection of this particular season, you can hear the importance of listening to God’s guidance and finding joy in the relationships and opportunities He provides.

Even in the midst of what might seem like chaos, God has a plan and it often leads to unexpected blessings.

Micah says, “I look forward to summertime, and so I’m pumped about my kids getting to be home. We’re going to go swimming. We’re going to shoot those nerf guns. We’re going to have a good time. Just thinking about that makes me happy.”

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