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Why We Are Better Together

This weekend was my college class reunion.

It wasn’t a “special year” per se.  The department has an annual home-coming event.

But this year, my college bestie (Shannon) said, “I’ll go if you do” and we booked our trips!

I know I’m dating myself a bit to say it.

I don’t care.

It’s been 23 years since the last time I hugged my best friends neck.

23 YEARS! A lot can change with that much time.

I’ve gotten saved.

She’s gotten saved.

We’ve each raised our babies to almost grown.

We each lost our daddy’s since last we were face to face.

We’ve lived our lives from opposite ends of the nation, always staying in contact.

Isn’t that just a rich blessing from the Father and something of His design at play?

He sends us out two by two.

In my case…He’s blessed me with an “other” who makes me laugh so hard I count seeing her as an ab workout!

There is nothing like someone who’s seen you at your best and your very ugly worst and loved you just exactly the same.

Isn’t that like Jesus is with us?

My heart is full of gratitude and hope today.

Do you have a sister (or brother) of the heart?

I challenge you this: take time to connect. Send a text. Give a call.

You will both be stronger for it. I sure am.

-Shannyn Caldwell

Shannyn and Shannon-Wright State University Class Reunion