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Finding Hope in the Words of a Song with Micah Tyler

Have you ever felt that God was speaking directly to you through a song? Maybe you were facing a challenging situation, feeling overwhelmed or lost and suddenly, the right melody and lyrics filled the air. You felt as if God Himself was reassuring you.

This isn’t just an occurrence in the lives of Family Life Radio listeners but also deeply resonates with Christian music artists. Micah Tyler recently talked about this unique connection and shared a remarkable testimony that speak to the way God uses song.

A young woman approached Micah at a concert, and she began to tell her story. She had found herself in a painful situation, pregnant and abandoned by both the baby’s father and her parents. With nowhere else to turn, she made an appointment at an abortion clinic.

On the way to that appointment, she tuned into a Christian radio station for the first time, desperately asking God to show her something. Then, she heard Micah’s song, “Mighty to Love,” and the words spoke to her soul:

You are here, and you are strong

You’re faithful to save us from all of the wrong.

From the first sunrise, till the day the sun falls

You hold us together

Cause your mighty to love, you’re mighty to love.

Those words made her pull over, weep and ultimately, choose to keep her baby.

“She is telling me her story,” Micah says, “And I’m tearing up. I wasn’t prepared for this. And she says, ‘Can I introduce you to my son?’ And she shows me her baby. And I lose my mind!”

Her child’s life was saved by the power of God’s love spoke through a simple song. Isaiah 55:11 says, “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (NKJV).

God’s words, whether through scripture or a song on the radio, have the power to change lives.

“I think about [this young woman and her baby] almost every single time I get pen and paper out or put my fingers a keyboard and start to write something. I go, ‘Who am I going to find in a car, in a hospital room or in a prison that needs to hear the hope of Jesus right now?’”

Faith is a living relationship with Jesus, woven into everything you do. “It’s not just songs; it’s not just melody,” Micah said. “It’s silly that God can use things like that, but He does.”

God is able to reach people in their most desperate moments. He can speak to you in unexpected ways.

Micah smiles, “That’s not me; that’s Jesus, but at the same time, I’m also like, ‘Dang! That’s worth working hard in a room for.’”

Are you mindful of how God may be using your words, your talents or even your daily work to touch others?

God can use anything and anyone to carry His message of hope and love.

God’s plan is at work in your life, in ways you might not even recognize right now. So whether you’re crafting a song, a meal or simply lending an ear to a friend, remember that you are an instrument in God’s hands, playing a melody of love and grace that can touch a soul just when it’s needed most.

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