Give the Hope of Christmas to a Child at Youth Haven Ranch!

In today’s world, real hope is hard to find. That’s why Family Life Radio exists: to bring the message of hope in Christ to those who desperately need to hear it. Family Life Radio helps people experience hope in their daily life through Christian music, encouraging and intentional content, uplifting experiences and a unique connection with their community.

Your special gift investment of $250 helps Family Life Radio give the Hope of Christmas to even more listeners and provides a Bible and meals for a child’s stay at Youth Haven Ranch. If you are able to give even more this Christmas season, a gift of $500 provides this same, life changing opportunity for two children!

Give the Hope of Christmas to a Child

More about Youth Haven Ranch:

Who is eligible to come to Youth Haven Ranch?

Disadvantaged boys and girls between the ages of 7-13 are eligible to attend. These are children who have experienced some type of hardship in their lives. Examples include foster care, single-parent homes, or low-income homes.

How are the children selected to attend?

Youth Haven Ranch works with many different types of agencies, including but not limited to social service agencies, child welfare agencies, schools, and churches with community outreach programs. Youth Haven Ranch also accepts individual referrals from parents who are looking for help, foster parents, grandparents, or other individuals who are able to secure permission from a parent or guardian for the child to attend.

Do you work with children of all races?

Yes! Children come from all racial backgrounds, and Youth Haven Ranch welcomes them all with love and care.

How long do the children stay on your campus?

A different group of children comes to our campuses each week, throughout the year.  Youth Haven Ranch offers weekend programs throughout the school year, and five-day camps during the summer. Children are invited to return once each season.

 Is Youth Haven non-denominational?

Yes, Youth Haven Ranch is a non-denominational Christian organization. We teach the children Bible stories, verses, and the basic gospel message. No child is ever forced or pressured to make a decision to accept Christ.

 What are the activities of a typical day?

Youth Haven Ranch is all about meeting kids’ needs, lending a listening ear, and helping them develop the confidence and appropriate behavior to be a positive influence to the world around them. A big part of that is simply letting kids be kids. Youth Haven Ranch wants them to have so much fun they can’t wait to come back! No matter the season, there’s always something fun to do at Youth Haven! Typical activities include archery, bike riding, chapel, crafts, flag raising, gaga ball, games in the gym, a visit to the petting farm, playing on the playground, a walk-through maze, sports, and all-camp outdoor games. In the winter, the kids may be able to go sledding at our Michigan campus. And in the summer, they have a chance to go swimming, sleep in a covered wagon, or cool off on a giant Slip N Slide. We also have a zipline and adventure trail at our Michigan campus, with hopes to add similar activities in Arizona.

 Do you have contact with the children after they leave Youth Haven?

Yes. All the children who attend Youth Haven programs will continue to receive birthday cards, letters, and postcards inviting them to return. The “Kids’ Connection” newsletter contains fun games and interesting stories to help encourage the kids and remind them they are loved.

 Do the children have to pay any fees to attend Youth Haven Ranch?

No. All eligible children are admitted FREE!


Give the Hope of Christmas to a Child