You are not forgotten

Thanks to your support, listeners like Angie are finding peace in the storms of life

Have you ever had a time where the right song came on at just the right time when you needed it most?

That’s what happened to Angie as she was headed out to visit her husband in the hospital. He had recently come down with an unexpected illness and ended up having to be hospitalized. She shares:

“I came out to get in my car, headed for the hospital in the pouring rain and found I’d left my sunroof open. Everything was soaked. Frustrated with myself and the situation I said, ‘Jesus, why?! Why today?’”

Can you imagine? For days, she had been going from home to work and then to the hospital. She was worn out in every way and then had to deal with a flooded car on top of everything else. But God met her in that moment…

“I got some towels and soaked things up so I could head on my way. I was so tired, trying not to worry. Then, Lauren Daigle’s song ‘Rescue’ came on: ‘You are not hidden. There’s never been a moment you were forgotten.’ God found a way to tell me loud and proud that I am His.”

By God’s grace, Angie’s husband recovered his health and she found her hope renewed – by the right song at the right time.

Never has this hope been more important to people across our country than in these very challenging days. So, thank you for your faithful support which makes all this possible. God is using you to help provide His life-changing hope to listeners everywhere!