You fill people like Roberto with hope

Darkness and disappointment can quickly dissolve into despair. But you’re helping to lift many lost and lonely people out of that dark hole by bringing them daily messages of hope and pointing them to Christ.

One listener that you’re helping, Roberto, tunes in to Family Life Radio because of the positive music and messages he considers “the vein of living water.”

Four years ago, Roberto was diagnosed with cancer. He questioned his future and feared he might not win this battle for his life – so he turned on Family Life Radio for answers and an encouraging word to lift him out of his despair.

Miraculously, God healed Roberto of his cancer, but the battle for his life wasn’t over yet. He was thriving physically. But spiritually, Roberto was sinking.

Addictions and dysfunctional relationships were drowning his hope – but Roberto couldn’t bring himself to turn off the songs and Scripture that spoke to him in his darkest moments. He shares:

“God has delivered me from multiple addictions and dysfunction, but for me the vein of living water that comes into my life every day is the ministry of Family Life Radio. And I just praise God for it.”

Hope and healing flowed through Roberto because he had a daily source of encouragement. And now, like you, he wants to share that life-changing hope with others:

“I haven’t been able to [financially] support in years past. I am this year and I prayed what to do. It was a matter of 30 seconds, and I knew what God wanted me to do. I just love you guys with all my heart.”

Thank you for filling Roberto with hope, helping him to experience the living, healing water of Christ through the music and messages of Family Life Radio!

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