You gave expecting parents hope

Thanks for making it possible to meet so many needs!

Every year, we look forward to springtime, not just for the rain and blooming flowers, but also to celebrate life. Despite the challenges and restrictions that came along with the coronavirus this year, you made an incredible impact in Family Life Radio communities by participating in our annual Ultimate Baby Shower.

When moms and dads find out they’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, they struggle with plenty of fears and doubts—not to mention when it happens in the middle of a pandemic! But your support brought these parents hope. While it looked a little different this year, you helped safely donate over 1,300 much-needed baby items.

And supporters like you volunteered your time to serve at 73 local community pregnancy centers in 11 different states. Your generosity is literally making an impact on future generations.

Thank you for your dedication to helping bring the hope of Jesus to those who need it most—and transforming lives for God’s glory!