Your act of kindness provides healing for a healthcare hero

This past year, our world has been dominated by some heavy issues… COVID-19… Gun violence… Anti-police sentiment.

To be in the middle of any of these situations would be horrible. But to experience all three… unimaginable.

When we first met Lisa last fall, she had just gotten off a night shift at the hospital where she worked as a nurse. She was tired and had only slept for two hours after her shift.

Radio event to honor healthcare workers

Through your support, Family Life Radio partnered with Vivid Hair Studio and In and Out Barber in Albuquerque to honor COVID healthcare heroes like Lisa with free salon services. “I really need some calm, peace, rest and support in my life right now,” Lisa shared as she settled into the salon chair. “It’s been so difficult to work under COVID restrictions.”

A haircut and a heart-to-heart for Lisa

As Lisa and her stylist made small talk, Lisa began to open up.

She shared that her 27-year-old son Zachary had recently been murdered. He was found by the police laying dead in the middle of the street, shot to death.

“They haven’t found the people who shot him,” said Lisa, “which has made it so difficult to move forward.”

And if her story couldn’t possibly get worse, Lisa’s husband is a retired police officer so the anti-police sentiment has made life even harder for the grieving parents.

As our Family Life Radio team prayed for Lisa, she welled up with tears. “I know God has me,” she said.

Thank you for helping make this event possible. Because YOU and others give so generously, God worked through a random act of kindness to soothe Lisa’s soul and help heal her heart. Thank you!


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