Your generosity helps equip mothers like Judy for ministry

“I have listened for a long time to Intentional Living with Randy – back so far when it was Parent Talk with Randy and Kevin Leman on 90.3! Back then I wasn’t yet a parent, but I still loved the program as I longed to become a mother. Well, I had twins and then another [child]. Recently, I put my twins into college at Grand Canyon University. With just my senior in high school left at home, I’m left with more time to listen daily and really appreciate your ministry.

Your generosity helps equip mothers like Judy for ministry

“I love listening, and it uplifts me and gives me the ability to minister to others – and to my children, who are now learning about all the issues that happen in adult life and how to navigate this secular world that seems to be against Christianity.

“I want to get as involved in ministry as I can, and at the very least, become a monthly supporter of your radio station. In this world today, we need more programs like yours. Once again, thank you!”

Your faithful giving and prayers help make stories like Judy’s possible. Thank you for helping impact families and our world with hope!

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