Your support brought God’s presence near

Breanna’s hospital room was filled with peace

Music is a powerful thing. The right song can prompt unexpected emotions and recall certain memories from the past.

But have you ever thought about music as something that can make you feel less alone?

That’s exactly what happened to Breanna when she found herself in the hospital with an illness that left her unable to speak. Since she couldn’t have conversations, she turned on Family Life Radio and let it play all day every day.

And it made an incredible difference. Breanna says,

The nurses would come in and say, ‘It’s so peaceful in here.’ Let me tell you—it was the presence of God. Your radio station helped bring God’s presence into that hospital room and so many were touched by it. They loved coming into my room. They could feel something different.”

Thankfully, Breanna’s health has improved, but she will never forget her time in the hospital… and neither will those nurses!

Your generosity kept Breanna from feeling alone during a very scary time. It also gave those who visited her room a tangible sense of God’s presence. And what a gift that is—especially for those who may not know Him.

Thank you for your faithful support of your Family Life Radio. It’s because of you that stories like Breanna’s are possible!