You’re helping listeners like Karsen find ‘there is always hope’ in Jesus

Your gifts are bringing hope and healing to many listeners like Karsen,* who wrote to say:

“I’ve listened to Christian radio a lot. It used to be because I wanted to help myself become a Christian. I wasn’t really a believer but wanted to be to please my girlfriend. I thought I could convince myself by constant exposure. So I went to church with her every week and listened to the radio.

“Then we broke up and I was lost. This is when I started reading the Bible and going to church for my own reasons. I kept listening and [tuned in] more often. I started to listen to Intentional Living, and I started to see myself in a different light.

“I began looking for signs from songs I heard [and] listening much more to the lyrics. I find myself praying to receive some hope from a song. Then I listen intently and find the hope I’m looking for. A lot of ‘let go of the past’ and ‘something better in the future’ gets played on FLR.

“Sometimes I turn on the radio expecting music and I hear talk and so I listen because I feel like God wants me to hear something they have to say. By the end I’m happy to have heard what was said.

“There is always hope on Family Life Radio. That hope comes from Jesus and without Him many would be lost and broken.”

Thank you for helping listeners like Karsen experience hope in Jesus!

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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