You’re helping people like Jamie experience hope!

“I’m 32 years old and currently incarcerated. I had a rough start in life with a mom and dad addicted to drugs. I had to fend for myself until being moved into a foster home at age nine. As a teen, I started drinking and doing drugs, and as time went on, things got worse. I hurt a lot of people (including myself) along the way. I didn’t know how to handle anything, and I certainly didn’t know Jesus or anything about Him.

“When I landed in prison, I started questioning everything I had done. I had accepted Jesus into my life a few years earlier, but the Lord revealed to me that it was only in my mind and not fully in my heart. This time, I realized that I’m truly forgiven, and it’s time to move forward, surrender, submit, and commit my whole being to Him.

“I want to thank all who contribute to Family Life Radio. I listen to Peter & Shannyn every morning. Not only is the music wonderful and inspirational, but so are the conversations and hope stories. I’ve been in prison for over a year and have listened from day one. Now I lead a Bible study, and each of the men is taking the 30-day challenge.”

Stories of hope like Jamie’s are possible because friends like you give and pray—so thank you!