You’re helping people like Jeannie experience hope

You’re helping people like Jeannie experience hope

“I have struggled with my marriage for a few years. My husband suffers from depression, and a few years ago it got so bad that he quit his job and wasn’t able to function. This took a big toll on our marriage and our family. We have four wonderful children who see the hardships that life has put in our path.

“I started listening to your station in the car every morning while taking the kids to school and then driving to work. The songs and encouraging messages kept me going during the most difficult times. What I heard allowed me to embrace our family’s struggles and turn the negative into something positive – for God’s glory. I learned how to face problems and teach our kids, even when it’s difficult.

“Being married and raising a family is the hardest job I will ever have, but it is so worth it. My husband is doing better and is working on being a better husband and dad. The kids are singing the songs you play on the radio. Thank you, Family Life Radio, for changing lives, as you have changed ours.”

Thank you for helping make stories like Jeannie’s possible through your gifts and prayers. We’re grateful for your investment to help so many like her experience hope through Family Life Radio!

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