A New Day with Laney Rene

Transforming Heartache into Hope After Miscarriage

Sometimes, the challenges we face seem to cast long shadows over our lives, moments so dark they threaten to swallow our very essence. But within these shadows, a flicker of light persists—a promise of hope, a path to healing, and the dawn of a new day. Laney Rene, in an open-hearted conversation with Family Life Radio, shares her deeply personal journey from the despair of miscarriage to the warm embrace of gratitude and renewed faith.

The journey began with heartbreak – the loss of her little boy at 17 weeks. “Of course, my heart broke. Of course, I long for him and miss him,” Laney expressed, echoing the sentiments of so many mothers who have endured the agony of miscarriage.

Yet, her story doesn’t linger in the realm of sorrow. Instead, it unfolds into a beautiful narrative of transformation and hope. Laney invites you, not to compare pains but to walk alongside her, finding solace in shared experiences. “We lost our little boy or call it a loss, but I really feel like what God has done, it doesn’t feel like a loss anymore.”

From Loss to Life

It’s the redefinition of her experience that sows the seeds of hope. Laney chooses to see her son not as a chapter closed too soon but as an integral part of her life’s story. “But what? What was death on this earth? God has brought life out of it, and really brought a hope of heaven and a reality of heaven to my family,” she says.

Laney doesn’t deny the pain, but she also acknowledges a greater purpose—a divine intervention that infuses her family’s life with hope and the comforting presence of heaven. “I have a three-year-old little girl and I get to know her personality every day. We get to spend time together, and I love I love spending time with her.” Laney continues, “But I also feel like – even though it’s not in the same way – I get to enjoy my little boy because of what God has done through just getting to carry him for the 17 weeks, and how he really has changed my life.”

Wrestling with “Why?”

The path through loss often meanders through valleys of doubt. Laney shares her struggle of how to reconcile God’s promises with her loss. Jeremiah 29:11, a verse that speaks of hope and a prosperous future, became a focal point of her questioning. “Okay, God, but if you’re good, why did I go through this?” Her vulnerability in these moments reflect the internal battles many face when their faith is tested by life’s harsh realities.

A breakthrough came as Laney dug further into Scripture, particularly the original Hebrew text of Jeremiah 29:11.

She uncovered a deeper meaning of the promise – a future that also heals the past.

Laney said, “A verse that I had known my entire life, had so much more meaning than I had ever known. And there’s so much to it. But the very end specifically is what really spoke to me in that situation.”

This revelation bathed her soul in peace, transforming her grief into a testament to God’s redemptive power.

Laney Rene

“I just felt like He was saying to me in that moment, ‘Laney, I am the One who can step into the things that have already happened in your life, the broken things, the things that feel final. And I am the one who can fill them with hope and a future. And even though it feels like this, the death of your son is final. I’ve got life and hope to bring from this.’”

A Heart Lifted by Promise

Armed with this newfound insight, Laney’s perspective on her son’s death began to change.

She clung to the belief in God’s ability to turn mourning into joy.

Laney said she told God, “I’m going to believe that even though this hurts like nothing I’ve ever walked through before, I believe that somehow you’re going to make this good. Somehow, it’s just not you’re not done yet. I’m not seeing the full picture in this.”

Her faith was not in vain; a little over a year and a half from that, Laney shares it blossomed into reality, filling her heart with hope and her life with purpose, proving God’s faithfulness in the midst of despair.

Living Out Loud

Laney is her determination to speak openly about her son. In doing so, she challenges the silence that often surrounds loss, transforming her story into a declaration of hope. “The enemy would have loved for me to stop talking about him or talk about him in a way of you know, death and being without hope. But God is so much greater. And I have seen that over and over again that he really can redeem and heal any broken thing that we walk through,” Laney encourages.

Even in the deepest of shadows, there is light to be found, hope to be embraced, and a new day on the horizon. Whether you find yourself in a valley or standing atop a mountain, the promises of God hold true for you too. Beyond the sorrow, there’s a story of hope waiting to unfold.

Laney Rene

Laney is a wife, mom, author and founder of The One He Loves, a ministry which exists so every woman can be refreshed, encouraged, and reminded of Jesus’ loving-kindness toward them. Laney is known for sharing the goodness of Jesus in a way that is not just inviting but also captivating. After walking through a painful season and into a redemption story only Jesus could come up with, Laney couldn’t keep the good news to herself. Today, as a worship artist, author, and speaker, Laney continues to find creative ways to share the heart of Jesus with everyone she can! Her book, “Daughter: Becoming Who You Already Are” is now available. laneyrene.com

Find out more about Laney on Instagram @heylaneyrene. For inquiries, please email info@laneyrene.com

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