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132: Kanklefritz’s Ankle is on the Fritz!!

Keep Smiling – Frankie’s Positive Attitude | Kankelfritz’s Ankle is on the Fritz | Finding the Perfect Watermelon | Good News: God Gave Destiny an Amazing Stepdad | Tips for […]

82. Mona’s Son is with God

Melissa’s $1000 wedding | Lisa’s church is helping new Christians with wedding | Mom is ready to date again | Good News: Mona’s son is with God | Kank’s son […]

214. Favorite TV Show Themes

TV Show Theme Reminiscing | Favorite TV Themes – Greatest American Hero | Favorite TV Themes – Full House on the Prarie | Bob Goff – Destroy or Distract | […]

65. Killing Peeps

Judy doesn’t want to be in your wedding | Mysti’s bathroom scare | Good News: God provided a husband and a house for Jenny | Leah and Andrew kill peeps […]

184. The Right Way to Do Something

The Right Way – Chairs and Shopping Carts | The Right Way – Julie has Under Toliet Paper and Toothpaste | Cecelia Loves Christmas | Almost Missed a Break | […]

289. Today’s Good News is about an Amazing Healing!

Carly – Online Shopping | This is the Choice! – Help Pick the Music that We Play and You Could Win a $50 Gift Card!* | Cassandra – Parents Being […]

40. Putting on makeup while driving.

Putting on makeup while driving | Kids always tell the truth | What’s your dream subscription service? | Don’t miss today’s Good News! | Navigating Life’s Seasons with Lysa TerKeurst […]

160. Sedation Dental Gone Wrong

Daniel collects hot wheels | Karen loves to swing | Playing Barbies with a kid | Sedation dental gone wrong | Mo money, mo problems!

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill: Dare to Be

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill talk their Dare to Be tour, why it’s NOT about performance, offering up your friendship to God as a sacrifice, and what was unexpected about […]

Jordan St Cyr: I’m in the Fire, But God is Faithful

Jordan St Cyr talks about his family and marriage, the story behind his song “Fires,” and how the testimonies it inspired have grown his faith.

277. Adventure Awaits You!

Grocery Store Tips – Megan's Store Comparison | Lana – Adventure Awaits You | Mental Health Awareness Month – How to Talk to Those with Mental Health Issues | This […]

141: Is It Too Early to Enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Fall?

Work Perks – Amy’s in Pajamas | Work Perks – Work at Home and Watching Her Kiddo (God’s Got This) | Mysti’s Ready for Pumpkin Spice Latte Season | Shannon […]

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