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69. Phone Conviction From a Child

Josette’s toddler convicted her about her phone use | No phones with the focus features | Mysti learns the importance of kindness in the healthcare field | Good News: James […]

221. Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Food, and Unchanging Truth

Super Bowl Foods – Kathy’s Dip | The Valentine’s Day Post-It Note | Temporary Feelings, Real Unchanging | Brad Hill – Asking Questions | Love Your Neighbor – Porsche’s Nomination […]

159. How to Avoid Being Kidnapped

Joy lasts | Happiness with money | Prayer notes | Gayle’s fat cat | How to avoid being kidnapped!

73. A Mother’s Day Gift Trap

Sue’s heavenly cinnamon rolls | Lisa on Bozo the Clown | Rick performed the polka on Bozo the Clown | Good News: Leslie became a foster mom | The Mother’s […]

420. How Do You Hug a Porcupine? (02/07/24)

Super Bowl Foods – Kathy's Buffalo Dip | Sour Candy Helps with Panic Attacks | I Was Today Years Old When… – Brian's iPhone Time Travel Trick | Mysti – […]

65. Killing Peeps

Judy doesn’t want to be in your wedding | Mysti’s bathroom scare | Good News: God provided a husband and a house for Jenny | Leah and Andrew kill peeps […]

Paula Faris: Why She Traded Two Dream Jobs For a Life of True Calling

Paula Faris, former Good Morning America anchor, talks about how God called her away from media at the height of her career. She shares how a spy helped her understand […]

Craig Allen Cooper: Glad You’re Here

Craig Allen Cooper, one of the founding pastors of Redeeming Grace Church in Franklin, TN and co-author of “Glad You’re Here: Two Unlikely Friends Breaking Bread and Breaking Fences,” talks […]

368. Encouraging Testimony from the Late Matthew Perry

6 O'Clock News – Money Jar and Life Hacks | Life Hacks – Brett and Paper Towel Water for Hiccups | Mysti Found an Old Letter to Her Brother | […]

105. Housekeeper or Home Inspector?

Sandra is asking you to please pick up | Joanne is more of an inspector than a house cleaner | Good News: Somorrah’s little sister got saved at Awana | […]

288. It’s VBS Time!

Snooze Alarm – Booping the Nose | Father Figures – Bridgette Married a Good Man | Caitlin Single Foster Mom | Family Life Radio's Matching Gift Opportunity | Vegetarian Pregnancy […]

10. January 6, 2022

Delivering Bad News | Are you sure, God? | Ever wondered how you can cut down on time wasted because of emails? | Jennifer tells us her Good News! | […]

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