Chance encounter or divine appointment?

Rhonda finds God on the radio.

“When I first came across Family Life Radio, I honestly don’t know what I was searching for,” said Rhonda of Michigan. “I was driving in the car—channel surfing—and this music started playing, and it just took a hold of me.”

That’s how God works!

Unlike in biblical times, when God spoke to people audibly, today He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. 

Every day, all across our nation, God is touching souls like Rhonda’s, through the songs and messages you help broadcast through Family Life Radio!

Divine moments across the airways

Time and again, we’ve heard from so many people like Rhonda who say, “It’s like God was talking directly to me through the lyrics of that song,” or “Just when I needed God most, it was as though He reached out to me through Family Life Radio!”

Family Life Radio didn’t just have an impact on Rhonda.

The far-reaching impact of your giving

“My husband is a Christian but never really listened much to Family Life Radio,” Rhonda shared. “However, he knew I enjoyed it, so out of respect for me, he would always turn it on when we rode together in his vehicle.”

Every day, through Family Life Radio, you are helping listeners like Rhonda to experience God in a personal, relationship way. Thank you!

One day, Rhonda’s husband sent her a text: Will you please increase our monthly giving to Family Life Radio?

“I knew that God must have spoken to him through Family Life Radio, just like He had to me all those years ago,” said Rhonda.

YOU are helping grow the Family Life Radio family.

“I love the music, I love the people, I love what you do as a whole family,” said Rhonda. “That’s why we support the way we do.”

Thank you for the impact you are making in the lives of online listeners like Rhonda!

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