From Endings to New Beginnings

God Breathes Purpose in Miraculous Ways

Stories of hope and faith are like lighthouses in a stormy sea, guiding and inspiring us to keep moving forward, no matter how fierce the waves. Just such a story comes from LEELAND, a Texas-based band known for their heartfelt worship music.

Family Life Radio spoke with Leeland Mooring and Casey Moore as they shared the incredible journey behind their single, “You’re Not Done Yet,” heralding the miraculous ways God works, especially when we least expect it.

At the height of the pandemic, a pastor and close friend of Leeland’s laid critically ill, a ventilator doing the breathing for him. The statistics weren’t promising, and the shadow of loss loomed large over Leeland and their community. “So we just set off to begin to pray. And so, the whole family is praying for this friend of ours,” Leeland recalls.

Miraculously, the pastor’s condition begins to improve. From the brink of death, he makes an astounding recovery, a story so inspiring it finds its way into the local newspaper. But it’s what he shares after his ordeal that truly captures the essence of God’s miraculous intervention and the power of music to carry God’s message of hope.

A Moment of Divine Intervention

At his weakest, contemplating surrender to be with Jesus, worship music fills the pastor’s hospital room, and through his haze of pain and fatigue, he recognizes Leeland’s voice singing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.”

“I had the thought come across my mind. Maybe actually just let go and go be with Jesus … And then your version of the song ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness’ comes on,” he tells Leeland. This moment becomes a turning point – a whisper from God – that his story wasn’t over yet.

What’s even more astonishing is Leeland’s revelation. “I lost all the color in my face because what’s crazy is, I’ve never recorded a version of ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness.’ I have never sung it on a live recording or an album. … I have sung that song, but it’s been alone with Jesus in my house. So, all I can think is that maybe God captures everything. And somehow played it for him like a miracle. So that kind of inspired the song, ‘You’re Not Done.’”

If you’re still breathing, your story isn’t finished.

Drawing Strength from the Story

But how can we, as fellow travelers on this journey of faith, draw strength from this story? How do we find our hope in the music of our lives?


First, recognize the power of prayer. In moments of crisis, when the ground beneath our feet seems to give way, the collective prayers of our community can be the anchor we desperately seek. Remember, your voice, joined with others in prayer, can and does make a difference.

Then, stay open to the miraculous, to the unexplained that enter our lives as clear signs of God’s presence. The pastor’s story reminds us that God communicates with us in ways we might not understand but can deeply feel.

Perhaps, like Casey humorously suggests, “God’s just making voice memos of prayer,” capturing our moments of worship and sending them back to us when we need them the most.


Encouragement for the Journey

And when you find yourself at a crossroads, feeling like giving up, let the pastor’s experience remind you to listen for that whisper of hope. It might come in the form of a song, a word from a friend, or a sunrise that paints the sky with promises of new beginnings. These are the moments when God often speaks the loudest, telling us, just as He told the pastor, “You’re not done.”  

Your Story Isn’t Over

Chapters in your life remain unwritten, filled with potential for joy, healing, and renewal. No matter how fierce the storm, there is hope in Christ, there is a community praying with and for you, and there is a God who speaks in miraculous ways.

Your journey of faith is unique, filled with moments of divine intervention and strength that come when you least expect them. Embrace them, for in every note of your life’s song, God is whispering, “You’re not done yet.”

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