On Air Hosts

You can connect with our on-air hosts at Family Life Radio! Get to know your favorite on-air personalities better as you check out their videos and read their bios. Plus, you’ll find everything from recipes to references and free downloads on each of the on-air host pages below.

And be sure to contact any one of our on-air Team members with questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kankelfritz and Friends

Join Kankelfritz every morning and start your day with your favorite Christian music, encouraging conversation and fun! In addition to his quirky, pastoral outlook on life, Kankelfritz is a devoted husband and dad that you’ll feel like you’ve known for years.

Shannyn Caldwell

You’ve known her for years as one half of the Family Life Radio morning show. Now join your good friend Shannyn during the midday hours for your favorite Christian music, bright and bubbly conversation and always a focus on Jesus.

Dave Moore
Dave Moore

So, you might’ve noticed, I talk waaaay too fast. Great observation! That’s just what I do. I’ve spent my entire life on the East Coast – born and raised in New Jersey, lived in Philadelphia, worked in the New York City area and basically have the East Coast running through my veins. But God needed me right here at Family Life Radio, where I can truly say…I’ve never felt more at home. It’s family here.

Brad Farnsworth
Brad Farnsworth

Brad got his first radio job at 16 and never looked back…except for that part where God called him to be a pastor as well. Now he shares the hope of Jesus from the pulpit and the radio.

Bill Ronning

Hear news and interviews about your favorite Christian artists with Bill. Plus, you’ll get a look at the stories behind the songs you hear.

Dennis Hutchinson

Cut through the noise and busyness of your Sunday morning with Dennis Hutchinson and All Praise.

Michelle Dawson

Enjoy music to bring you hope and keep you company through the overnight hours with Michelle.

Matt Pelishek

Matt first started his pursuit of radio because the college courses didn’t require as much math. Since then, it’s become his passion.

Mysti Jordan

I hail from the Lone Star State, where I was born and raised, and lived for 23 years. Please be kind if a "y'all" or a "fixin' to" (ex. "I'm fixin' to go get something to eat!") slips out. These are ingrained in Texans from birth, and the therapy process to remove them from our vocabulary is long, painful, and quite expensive.