LOOK at how you have LOVED your neighbors!

Earlier this year, we ran the Love Your Neighbor campaign. We heard from so many in the Family Life Radio nation who called in to share about their incredible friends and neighbors who have made major impacts in their lives or in their community—and who could themselves use a helping hand. 

Your gift of beauty and renewed confidence

“I would love to have hair again and to feel beautiful,” shared Irma (right), a cancer survivor. During our Love Your Neighbor event, her daughter Starlene called Family Life Radio to nominate her. We connected with The Inside Out Foundation that blessed Irma with a makeover, complete with makeup, a wig, wig fitting, wig comb, wig cap, two turbans and a wig stand. 



“I’m forever grateful, thank you,” said Irma.    

Marlise says “Thank you for the mani-pedi!”

Marlise Hanson’s daughter-in-law Sarah wanted to do something special for her. Marlise had to retire from her nursing job a couple of years ago due to an accident. More recently, Marlise comforted Sarah after she tragically lost two siblings

Through your nominations, Marlise received some well-deserved pampering at a local salon.

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