Do you know someone in need of an act of kindness?

Jesus taught us that no matter if it is at work, the gym, the mall or right next door, a person in need is your neighbor. In Luke 10, He invited the inquiring teacher of the law to love with ACTION.

We want to hear from you!

Share about the unsung hero who helps everyone else, but they need a vehicle repair or food donations for their ministry to the homeless, or something that helps them continue their service to your community. How can we love them? We all know someone who needs a special act of kindness. Nominate a neighbor you know who needs some practical help and tell us why you would like to “Love Your Neighbor.” You get it…how can we help Love Your Neighbor.

We have a few ways that you can share…

  1. When we tell you – call 888-888-9976 and share about your unsung hero or neighbor who deserves a special blessing. Also, tell us how you already love your neighbors too.

    1.  Kankelfritz and Friends: 7:05 AM MST Arizona/9:05AM EST
    2. Shannyn Caldwell: 9:30 AM MST Arizona/11:30AM EST
    3. Dave Moore: 3:00pm MST Arizona/5:00pm EST
  2. Online: Share about an unsung hero or neighbor who deserves a special blessing.

Be listening – we might be sharing YOUR story during Kankelfritz and Friends, Mid-Days with Shannyn Caldwell and Afternoons with Dave Moore from February 6-24, 2023!

In the meantime, Love Your Neighbors (not just the people living next door) – be kind, help, show God’s love by what you do. Go ahead, plow their driveway, take in their trash cans, make a meal for their family, hang their curtains, babysit their kids, etc.

Watch these videos and learn how Family Life Radio listeners are helping others!

David & Shirley Duncan opened up their home to neighbors in need, and the HOT DOG CLUB was born! Hear this powerful testimony on how we can LOVE our Neighbors.

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