Love Your Neighbor 2024

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself…”

Love Your Neighbor

Love Your Neighbor is our way of intentionally loving on our Family Life Radio listening family. We want to enable our listeners to serve well while sharing the gospel through ACTION!

We want to hear from you!

Identify someone deserving of a special act of kindness in your life. Nominate a neighbor who could use practical help and share the reasons behind your choice. Perhaps it’s the unsung hero always helping others but struggling with a vehicle repair. Let’s come together to make a meaningful impact and spread love to our neighbors You get it…how can we help Love Your Neighbor!

We have a few ways to share…

1.    When we tell you – call 888-888-9976 and share about your unsung hero or neighbor who deserves a special blessing. And tell us how you already love your neighbors too.

a.    Kankelfritz and Friends Morning Show: 7:05 AM Arizona/9:05 AM EST.
b.    Middays with Shannyn Caldwell: 9:30 AM Arizona/11:30 AM EST.
c.     Afternoons with Dave Moore: 3:00 PM Arizona/5:00 PM EST.

2.    Online: Share about an unsung hero or neighbor who deserves a special blessing.

3.    Be listening – we might be sharing YOUR story during Kankelfritz and Friends, Mid-Days with Shannyn Caldwell and Afternoons with Dave Moore from Feb. 12-Mar. 8, 2024!
4 . LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR GEAR – encourage others while wearing a t-shirt or hoodie. 15% of all sales (Feb 5-March 8, 2024) will go towards Family Life Radio ‘Love Your Neighbor’ projects. Click Here For Info.

In the meantime, Love Your Neighbors (not just the people living next door) – be kind, help, show God’s love by what you do. Go ahead, plow their driveway, take in their trash cans, make a meal for their family, walk the dog, hang their curtains, babysit their kids, etc.

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Thank you!
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