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What little thing is the secret to making a marriage last?

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Wednesday October 22

What does “home” mean to you? Here’s how our colleagues weighed in on that question…


Tuesday October 21

Jeremy Camp Handout

Jeremy Camp says the word of God keeps him grounded.


Monday October 20

Mom Monday! What makes for a perfect day for you?

Someone wrote in and said when my little son sneaks out of bed for an extra hug.

Wednesday October 15

Is it better to be a friend to your child in an effort to be close to them or is it better to be the parent? Hear what our colleagues had to say…


Tuesday October 14


Francesca Batistelli opens up on parenting. We also get a glimpse of her childhood dreams.


Monday October 13

How did the two of you meet?

Wednesday October 8

What is the reward system you have for your children? Here’s what some of our colleagues shared…


Tuesday October 7


Max Lucado opens up about some of the struggles he’s had in his prayer life.


Monday October 6

What advice would you give to the newly weds?

Mary Jo says God must be in the center. Also, don’t try to change your spouse.

Wednesday October 1

What phrase of word reminds you of growing up at your house? Here’s what our colleagues had to share…

Family Life Radio Member Annie says “Love”.


Tuesday September 30

Radio Twitter: In 15 words or less, tell us what you’re doing.


Monday September 29

It’s Marriage Monday!