Experience Hope eDevotional

Take a few minutes each day to focus in on God’s Word. Spending time with the Lord will ignite your spiritual growth and renew your faith. This devotional will be sent to your email Monday-Friday and is a great way to start your day and will help you experience hope!

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Emergency Bible Numbers

Seeking a dose of encouragement, direction, and guidance in your life? This quick guide will help you easily find scripture that speaks to many of life’s challenges. People have been printing this and placing it in their Bible, on their refrigerator, in their purse or wallet, and around their home, church, office and community.


Your First One Things: Setting A Foundation For A Relationship With God

Setting a foundation for a relationship with God. You can find hope in Christ! Your relationship with Jesus is your most important One Thing. This booklet by Dr. Randy Carlson is free for you to download.


The Intentional One Thing Challenge

Have you ever wished you could have a better life? You can – and the solution is found when you live intentionally in Christ! Your life – relationships, finance, faith, health, work – can be filled with more peace, greater purpose and deeper freedom than you’ve ever known.


Estate Planning

You will find a wealth of information on estate planning, wills, and revocable living trusts. Each of these tools is designed to help you meet your family’s unique planned giving needs.