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Our Family Life Radio Text Club is the place to stay informed on what is happening around our nation and your community! As well as get early access to upcoming events, resources or special discounts offered to our Text Club Members!

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If you have already been a member of our Text Club you should have received a recent text message about our transition from our old number to the new 58326 number. You don’t need to do anything beyond following the prompts from our new 58326 Text Club number. Thank you for being a member of our Text Club and we look forward to connecting more in the future.

Our promise is we won’t share your information or sell it in any way. We don’t spam. Our goal is to build a relationship and provide helpful content, hope filled resources and goodies like discounts when we can!

And as a thank you from us at Family Life Radio to you below is a link to scripture based wallpaper pack for your phone or device. Thank you for turning to Family Life Radio for resources of hope, music that uplifts and the message of Christ to lead us through each day!


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