You gave them a Night to Shine

Imagine a ballroom full of precious kids with developmental disabilities and their parents. They’re laughing, dancing, playing games, and enjoying something none of them ever thought they’d experience… prom night.

That’s what happens through Tim Tebow’s charity, A Night to Shine. And that’s what you helped make possible through your partnership. Alongside local churches in Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque and Michigan, Family Life Radio recently took part in helping host this incredible night for some amazing kids.

Our Regional Promotions Coordinators got dressed up and played games, handed out glow bracelets, danced with guests and even hosted the red-carpet music – announcing each special guest for all to cheer on as they arrived!

Recalling one Night to Shine in St. John’s, Michigan, where parents had the chance to win concert tickets, Family Life Radio staff member Brian Dumont shared…

“One winner mentioned she has 6 children, 5 of them with brain injuries/special needs, and she would never have been able to afford a concert experience like this otherwise. Another winner stated she doesn’t remember the last time she and her husband went on a date and the concert happens to be on his birthday. When she expressed concern about finding a sitter, another mom standing nearby offered to help. This was such a blessing to experience.”

These are the powerful moments of hope that you help make possible through your support of Family Life Radio. So thank you for giving these precious kids and their families a night to shine!

Want to see more? Watch a video of the event on our Facebook page!

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