Are You Smarter than a DJ

Summertime allows for a bit more time on our hands, and some of that time has allowed for new and useless information get packed into our brains. It is amazing how much gets stored up there. Know what we mean?

Whether in-person or remotely learning, our families are entering the “Back to School” season across the Family Life Radio nation… so, we ask this question, “Are You Smarter Than A DJ?”

What do you think? How would you like to find out?

We’re giving you a chance to find out and test your knowledge. We request that you don’t use the computer, iPad or cell phones please.


Listen during the Kankelfritz & Friends Morning Show, Midday Show w/ Shannyn Caldwell, and Afternoons with Dave Moore from Aug 15-26, 2022.

Be the Correct Caller: 888-888-9976 (when prompted)
and Answer Correctly the Are You Smarter Than A DJ? Trivia question!

Daily callers will receive a $50 gift card for correctly answer the Are You Smarter Than A DJ? trivia question. Here’s the cool part – every time someone answers incorrectly, we’ll add another $50 to the amount the next caller could win.

We even tell you when to call in to win! 
Listen to Kankelfritz and Friends at 7:05am Pacific/10:05am Eastern
Listen to Shannyn Caldwell at 9:05AM Pacific/12:05pm Eastern
Listen to Dave Moore at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
So, Are You Smarter Than A DJ? – It’s time to prove it!!

Click here for complete contest rules.

Gift Cards are provided by a generous friend of this ministry.