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Discovering the Depths of Grace with Laney Rene

Through a conversation with Family Life Radio, the worship artist, founder of The One He Loves ministry, and author, Laney Rene shares her personal journey from an understanding of Christianity to a realization of grace. Laney invites you on a personal discovery to reshape some things you thought you knew about God, righteousness, and the beauty of being truly known and loved.

“Growing up in a Christian home,” Laney begins, “I didn’t feel like that became real to me until I was in my early twenties.”

It’s one thing to be surrounded by faith from a young age, but entirely another for that faith to become a living, breathing part of who you are.

“When you grow up in a Christian home, it’s easy to feel like you know a lot. But I think often we don’t know as much as we think we know. And that was me. I thought I knew a lot about God. And I think when you grow up in a Christian home, it’s easy to feel like you know, a lot,” Laney admits.

The Impact of Broken Seasons

It was during the broken seasons, times when her heart was shattered, that Laney started to see the words of the Bible in a new light. Verses she had known her entire life suddenly struck her with fresh significance. “That’s never hit before. But suddenly, that just hit me. There’s actually so much life in this,” she recalls.

If you’ve been through tough times, you know how they can strip everything back, revealing what truly matters. For Laney, these periods of pain became a gateway to deeper understanding.

Sometimes, our most profound growth comes from our hardest experiences.

A Reality Check on Righteousness

Laney candidly shares a moment that changed her perspective: “I thought my own righteousness was pretty good; that I was pretty good on my own, and then just got a reality check of – you know, it actually has nothing to do with [me].” Laney felt as if God said, “It actually is all my grace. It’s always been my goodness, it’s always been my faithfulness.”

Laney Rene

Have you ever found yourself measuring your worth by your actions, thinking you’re doing pretty well on your own? Our relationship with God isn’t based on a scoreboard. It’s about His grace, not our performance.

A Life-Changing Conversation

A pivotal moment for Laney came during a conversation with her mother. Reflecting on a friend’s actions, Laney found herself caught up in judgment until her mother offered a perspective shift: “You need the blood just as much as they do, and your righteousness is no greater than theirs.”

This revelation was a wake-up call for Laney. “All my life, I thought, I’ve been pretty good…I’ve looked at other people and thought, I was better,” Laney admits. But this moment taught her the danger of comparison and self-righteousness, guiding her back to the essential truth of our shared need for grace.

Embracing God’s Grace Fully

Laney’s journey brings us to a crucial realization: “It really is all about His grace. And it actually has nothing to do with our performance.” It’s a daily truth that shapes our entire faith journey.

Laney’s story can encourage us to look beyond ourselves and our efforts, to stop comparing our paths with others, and to embrace the grace that God freely offers.

It’s a grace that doesn’t keep score, that doesn’t compare, and that is available to us all, regardless of where we are on our journey.

Your Journey with Grace

What does this mean for you? As you reflect on Laney’s words and your own experiences, remember that the journey of faith is one of continual growth and revelation. Allow yourself to be surprised by grace, humbled by it, and transformed. You may find that the most powerful truths come from a place of openness and vulnerability.

Faith grows, and deepens over time, shaped by our experiences, our struggles, and our moments of revelation.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in your faith, unsure of your place, or overwhelmed by comparison, let Laney’s journey remind you that you’re not alone. The path to understanding grace is a journey we’re all on, each of us learning and growing in our own time.

Laney Rene

Laney is a wife, mom, and founder of The One He Loves, a ministry which exists so every woman can be refreshed, encouraged, and reminded of Jesus’ loving-kindness toward them. Laney is known for sharing the goodness of Jesus in a way that is not just inviting but also captivating. After walking through a painful season and into a redemption story only Jesus could come up with, Laney couldn’t keep the good news to herself. Today, as a worship artist, author, and speaker, Laney continues to find creative ways to share the heart of Jesus with everyone she can! https://laneyrene.com/

Find out more about Laney on Instagram @heylaneyrene. For inquiries, please email info@laneyrene.com

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