Donate Your Vehicle And Make A Difference

Donate Your Car

Your vehicle donation to Family Life Radio helps us reach more people with the hope of Christ.

Do you have a car you no longer need? Or a junker that’s requiring expensive repairs? Or one that’s breaking the bank to fill the tank?

You can put that vehicle to good use. Donate it to Family Life Radio. It’s easy! Just fill out the form below or call our toll free number: 877-422-GIVE.

We accept cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles and boats. And we’ll schedule a free, convenient pick-up time. When your car sells, you’ll receive a tax receipt . And you’ll know that you’ve put your vehicle to good use reaching others with the hope of Christ. What a difference your vehicle can make!

Here’s what one Family Life Radio listener had to say about why they donated their vehicle:
We have been listening to Family Life Radio for over five years and enjoy it very much. When we heard that vehicle donation was an option, we knew we wanted to donate our vehicle when the time came. Thank you for your programs and music.
– Walt in Michigan

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