Faith with Bill Ronning

Colton Dixon – Bright and Shining Star

Colton Dixon is one of those people who you look at and know what he does for a living. Maybe it’s the blonde Mohawk, or the way that he carries himself that causes him to stand apart, but Colton would be the very first to say it is his relationship with Christ that makes him shine.

In the 11th season of American Idol, Colton laid his faith and his career on the line. Performing for the new judges of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, along with stalwart Randy Jackson, Colton was brought to tears by his sister’s elimination that took his breath away. See, he was not alone in his quest to perform on the American Idol stage. His younger sister Skylar was very much the catalyst in his auditioning for season 10 and returning for season 11. In fact, Colton was not going to audition again but was there to support his sister because she wanted to sing again.

When they arrived, the producers and judges begged Colton to audition again, so he performed “Permanent”, and went on his way! Looking back, Colton says he can see God’s hand in all of the experiences and exposure that he received from being on American Idol. As a matter of fact, on the American Idol Live 2012 Tour, he was the very first contestant to perform an original song that he had written. “Never Gone” has become an anthem for Colton, and proof of what God can achieve when we step out on faith. It turns out that Colton and Jennifer Hudson are the only 7th place finalists on American Idol to reach #1 on a Billboard chart.

The debut album that he released was titled, A Messenger, and Colton says that he needed to make it clear through that title that he was simply a messenger for God’s word. He even took it the next step, and calls his fan club, “The Messengers”. With this album, Colton wanted to bring something different to Contemporary Christian music that he grew up with. His vibe is certainly a new and refreshing take on performing what he has in his heart.

Becoming an official Steinway artist (along with Billy Joel, Diana Krall and Harry Connick, Jr.), his face is plastered on the side of Mountain Dew cans, and a Boston ice cream company has come out with “Colton Dixon’s Rockin Red Velvet” flavor, but Colton is very careful to keep the focus on his music. Now, Colton comes to us with a new album, Anchor, and the lead single, “More of You”. That song has already hit #1 on iTunes Christian and Gospel Singles chart, but he says that is a complete surprise. “More of You” was the last song they wrote and performed for the album, so Colton is convinced that this is divine intervention!