Make a Drive Thru Difference

The Family Life Radio Nation is making a Drive Thru Difference, and you’re invited to participate.

February 2nd & 9th, we’re sharing hope by paying for the meal or drink of the person behind us in the drive thru line. It’s a simple act of kindness that can really share hope right where you already are.

Join us for these fun events, and then call in and share your stories at 888-888-9976.

Get your local pass along card here

List of markets/stations:

Family Life Radio Online

Albion, MI/96.7

Albuquerque, NM/91.5

Battle Creek, MI/AM 1400

Chattanooga, TN/91.5

Detroit, MI/AM 1030

Flagstaff, AZ/89.9

Lancaster, WI/88.1.9

Lansing, MI/99.9

Lubbock, TX/90.1

Macon, GA/91.3

Mason, MI/AM 1110

Midland, MI/99.7

Midland, TX/88.1

Odessa, TX/101.7

Panama City, FL/89.9

Phoenix, AZ/90.3

Roswell, NM/99.3

San Luis Obispo, CA/89.3

Santa Maria, CA/90.5

Topeka, KS/88.1

Tucson, AZ/101.7