A Teachable Heart

Whoever disregards discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored.

─ Proverbs 13:18 NIV

A Teachable Heart

Stubborn, disrespectful and prideful people who think they need no advice and already know it all are headed down a destructive path. Sadly, they usually can’t see where their self-centeredness and pride are leading them, and eventually they fall.

God provided wisdom in His Word and devoted the entire book of Proverbs to teach the importance of wisdom and encourages us to have a teachable heart. Our verse above puts it in black and white – ignoring discipline will bring poverty and shame to your life, but accepting correction brings honor to you.

Your heavenly Father knows you best. He created you, and so His instructions for your life are the perfect way to live. The Bible is an instruction manual. Not taking care of your life according to His plan can only lead to frustration and failure. But following God’s directions, you will always be in excellent working order.

Strive to always have a teachable heart by:

  • Embracing godly discipline
  • Accepting instruction
  • Receiving correction
  • Listening to advice from God and others He’s placed in your life

Today’s One Thing

Think about the times you’ve gone your own way and disregarded God’s instruction. Now consider the times you’ve followed closely to Him. Surrender to God today and ask Him to help you maintain a teachable heart. Look at the bullet points above. Pray and ask Him to help you in one area that you may struggle with.

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