Accept the Lord’s Process

Students must go through a process of learning and research to enhance their knowledge. Athletes must go through rigorous training to improve their physical and mental abilities. Artists must go through exercises of honing their craft and developing their creativity to become better artisans. Are you willing to go through a growth process and commit yourself to the Lord to accomplish what He wants for you?

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!

– Psalm 31:24 ESV

Enduring whatever it takes to improve your talents and skills can be challenging, especially after you dedicate time, energy and resources and find you need to do more. The enemy will attempt to convince you that you are entitled to have something given to you before you have walked through the process the Lord wants you to experience. Remember, the enemy does not want you to achieve what the Lord has prepared or promised you.

Pause and praise God for where He has you during this frustrating moment. Be thankful that He is preparing you for something more significant than the current moment. Give your emotions to the Lord and allow Him to work wonders in your life. Stand back and watch what He has in store for you.

God is preparing you for something big, and He wants you to be ready.

While it may be challenging to pursue what the Lord has for you, it is a blessed journey. Your trek provides you the opportunity to embrace your current situation as a means of fulfilling a future encounter He has already prepared. When you recognize this, and your hope is in the Lord, you can trust that He will give you the strength, wisdom and guidance you need to overcome any obstacle.

Becoming better and embracing your life’s circumstances is not always easy. It requires dedication, commitment and faith in God.

 Today’s One Thing

Meditate on Psalm 31:24, “Be strong and take heart…” Accept the Lord’s process, commit your ways to the Lord, listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and dedicate your work to God. He is preparing you for something Big.

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