Be a Peace Promoter in the Workplace

Deceit fills hearts that are plotting for evil; joy fills hearts that are planning for good!

─ Proverbs 12:20 TLB

“Are you okay?” LaDonna whispered as she walked into Caitlin’s office and closed the door.

“I never imagined coming to work every morning would be so stressful,” Caitlin replied, shaking her head.

“Try not to take Cal’s nastiness personally,” LaDonna said. “He’s just a really mean person.”

“Well, it sure feels personal,” Caitlin said through her silent tears.

Most of us, at some point have experienced a troublemaker, someone who takes great satisfaction in causing chaos and strife. Most workplaces have one, and they cook up ways to gain their own advantage without any thought to the hurt they cause.

Sharing your workplace with such coworkers can leave you frustrated and angry. A natural response to the hurt wants to rise up in you, but it takes God’s strength and love at work in you to be able to respond in a Christ-like manner.

Today’s verse reveals why it’s important to promote peace. Instead of trying to get back at them and win at their own game, seek out and recommend solutions that will address and resolve the problem. In doing so, you’ll reap the benefit of joy.

Today’s One Thing

Become a peace promoter at your job by asking God to give you the strength and wisdom to respond appropriately to workplace problem-makers. It may be hard but pray for those individuals and if led to do so, pursue opportunities to befriend them.

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