Be the Difference

Have you ever seen a good Samaritan in action as they pulled a person from a burning car accident? Perhaps you have only seen this type of heroic action on the evening news or on social media outlets. It is amazing to hear the humbling comments stated afterward by the normal day hero that go something like, “I saw what needed to be done and took action.” Praise God for those who have performed such heroic actions to save someone.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

─ Psalm 55:22 ESV

A car accident involving a fire will grab anyone’s attention. A suicidal statement made by a friend, family member or colleague should also grab your attention. No single element or variable causes suicide. Anyone can go through mental unrest and consider ending their life. Yes, even those individuals who have committed their life to Jesus Christ and are saved.

Contemplating suicide is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly.

Note: If you or if you know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, there are resources available for you and your friend. Often, Christian pastors and counselors are excellent sources to call. Attempting to tackle suicidal thoughts on your own as the victim or helper can be challenging, if not unproductive. There are qualified people who can help you. Call or text the numbers 988 to reach the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline any time, day or night 24/7 to visit with someone who understands.

Suicidal thoughts and tendencies are not typical, and those experiencing such a state need qualified professional assistance.

Suicide tendencies have been around since shortly after the fall of man. It’s not a new phenomenon, but the methods to prevent such devastating action have consistently improved with training, counseling and sometimes medication.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be direct with someone expressing suicidal tendencies. Ask the forward questions:

  • Do you feel like giving up?
  • Are you thinking about killing yourself?
  • Do you have a plan to kill yourself?

Asking direct questions won’t push someone into killing themselves. Instead, they allow for productive conversation and time for you to find assistance.

Today’s One Thing

The Lord gives hope to deter suicidal tendencies, and He has equipped people to provide help. Take the necessary actions to find support and learn how to discover warning signs, ask good direct questions, and get help. Be the difference and prepare yourself to know how to help.

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