Building a Legacy of Love

God has given His children an invitation to embrace a joyful responsibility. Providing for your family is a sacred act that reflects God’s love and provision. It’s a way of showing those closest to you the very nature of God’s care and concern.

See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony!

  Psalm 133:1 GW

When you think of the meaning of “caring for your family,” your definition may include a plethora of descriptive words and actions. Yes, it can consist of working and providing financially, but most likely, it contains personal communication and expression of love. Perhaps it involves calling each other or sitting around the dinner table, sharing stories of your day, discussing your dreams, attending events and activities and even navigating inevitable life challenges. A few keys to your continuity of care are expressing and showing support.

Let your words be seasoned with grace and Christ’s love.

You are called to be a beacon of love, a source of wisdom and a foundation of emotional support. It’s about being present, truly present, in the lives of those you love. And, when the weight feels too heavy or the path seems too long, Christ is with you. The Holy Spirit is walking with you, guiding, encouraging and equipping you for this noble task.

Think about your daily interactions with your family. Be intentional in your conversations, be a good listener as much as a speaker and let your words be seasoned with the grace and love that Christ provides. This is how you build a legacy of faith, hope and love within your home.

Today’s One Thing

As you progress through your day, affirm this in your heart: “I am called to love and provide for my family. Through God’s grace, I will communicate with love and patience, reflecting Christ’s love in all I do.”

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