Can You Sit with Your Judas?

When you think of the love of Jesus, you may think of kindness, gentleness, maybe even patience or brotherly love. But His love for you goes deeper than anything your human mind can truly understand.

Jesus understands every weakness of ours, because he was tempted in every way that we are. But he did not sin!
─ Hebrews 4:15 CEV

Jesus sat down to dinner with his betrayer, Judas. Jesus walked, talked and did ministry with Judas. He was part of Jesus’ inner circle, one of Jesus’ closest friends. The Bible doesn’t give any suggestion that the other disciples anticipated, or suspected Judas would do what he did.

God gives us the strength to love those who betray us.

Jesus loved him the whole time, knowing exactly what Judas would do to Him, and He still chose Judas.

Judas, even after his betrayal, was never beyond the mercy, love and grace of God. From the beginning of their relationship to the end of their lives, Jesus continued to pour out the mercy, love and grace of God to Judas.

When someone does an injustice to you, from a small thing like cutting you off on the highway to a complete betrayal, how did you respond? Can you love them like Jesus loved Judas? Can you let go and let God handle the justice you rightfully deserve?

Today’s One Thing

Think about what the love of Jesus looks like in your life. How do you show it to others? How do you receive it? Purposefully demonstrate the love of God to someone you don’t particularly like this week, or someone you struggle to understand.

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